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What is a VOAD State/Territory VOADs are essential to the #VOADMovement.

State VOADs are associations of organizations that lead disaster response efforts, communicate urgent needs to the wider National VOAD network, and provide assistance to communities affected by disaster. By adhering to the 4 Cs (Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, and Collaboration), State VOADs effectively provide relief.

  1. Communication State VOADs communicate needs to responding non-profits and agencies
  2. Cooperation Work within the VOAD Movement to share resources and ensure community needs are met.
  3. Coordination Once on the ground, State VOADs coordinate response efforts to ensure the delivery of those goods and services to communities affected by disaster.
  4. Collaboration Continue to work together across all levels, from Local VOADs/COADs to Federal agencies, to ensure that communities are made whole following disasters.
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