The 4 C’s

The Washington VOAD adhere to the principles established by the National VOAD. 

The principles are referred to as the 4C’s:

  • Cooperation

  • Communication

  • Coordination

  • Collaboration

These principles serve as the foundation for the Washington VOAD as it collaborates with local, regional and national partners to coordinate disaster relief, response and recovery efforts in times of disaster.
WAVOAD is part of a network of similar national, state, and local groups that originated after Hurricane Camille in 1969 because disaster service providers were concerned about duplication of efforts.  In 1970, representatives from these organizations started meeting regularly as National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD). 

WAVOAD grew out of the rationale that the best time to train and prepare for disaster response and become acquainted with your disaster response partners is before a disaster happens.

Following a disaster, WAVOAD convenes its members and other agencies to discuss how they will work together cooperatively in the crisis. WAVOAD does not itself deliver services. Instead, its members independently meet relief and recovery needs within the cooperative framework the organization makes possible.

WAVOAD coordinates planning by the many voluntary agencies responding to a disaster so they provide more effective service with less duplication when a disaster strikes.